The Tao of Badass Review

People who hear about the Tao of BadAss e-book usually perceive it to be a sort of course that teaches quick tips and tricks related to picking up girls, landing a date or something similar on these lines. Although the content of the Tao of BadAss is mostly related to dating and picking up women, the information contained in it has a lot to do with learning the exact methods of improving one’s relationships with women in general.

Successfully implementing the tips provided in this e-book, men can gain tremendous amount of confidence, turn more attractive and enhance their level of interaction with everyone in general. To sum it up, the Tao of BadAss can help you become an all-round individual having excellent social skills.

What’s the background of the author who wrote the Tao of BadAss?

Joshua Pellicer, who wrote the Tao of BadAss has earned great recognition in the field of dating coaching. He used to be quite shy and insecure type of guy himself at one point of time. It is only after he completed his study of psychology in university and thereafter implemented different psychological concepts on women, that he was able to achieve some success with them. Over a period of time, he learnt all important tips and tricks that helped him crack the woman attraction code. Post several years of dedicated hard work and research, Joshua Pellicer authored the Tao of BadAss e-book for offering practical solutions to men struggling in their relationships with women.

How the Tao of BadAss works?

To better understand the workings of the Tao of BadAss system, it is important that we first take a closer look at the components which make it successful. These are:

Gender roles – Joshua starts his e-book by providing an introduction to the gender roles as they presently exist in our society. Women feel attracted to men who fit into certain types of gender roles. This is the precise reason it becomes important for men to gain better understanding of them and learn to play just the right type of roles in order to attract a particular type of women.

Confidence – No matter how complicated or distinct a woman may be, she will get attracted to a man who excludes a good amount of confidence. This section of the Tao of BadAss system stresses greatly on the importance of confidence when it is about attracting women. Implementing the methods explained in this section, you’ll be able to conquer your insecurities and overcome your social fears.

The Tao of BadAss system – Once you are through with the above-mentioned sections, Joshua will take you through the actual Tao of BadAss system. This system has been categorized into four different sections as follows:

1. Attraction – Whenever you meet any woman for the very first time, there is a certain amount of attraction and curiosity which is bound to develop naturally.

2. Rapport – This particular phase involves the creation of an emotional connect with the woman and is followed by building of trust.

3. Seduction – This particular section focuses on conversion of the prevailing sexual tension into actual action in the bedroom.

4. Relationship balance – This section talks about reciprocating a woman’s need of getting into a steady relationship, provided that it is also what you want.

Approaching women – A complete chapter focuses on tips that can come handy when you’re trying to approach women. These tricks will help you overcome social anxiety and fine tune your approach techniques depending on the situation.

Tests – There is a world of difference between the ability of a man to project confidence and his ability to prove to the world that he’s confident indeed. Women know all sorts of methods to test men’s confidence levels and they hardly take anytime in rejecting men who fail in this aspect. Joshua Pellicer will take you through all these tests and will show you some examples to help you see through the situations when you’re being actually put to test. Furthermore, he teaches different methods of passing such tests with flying colors.

Body language – A lot of stress is laid on the body language in the Tao of BadAss system. Body language is critical when it comes to social interaction. Joshua Pellicer will help you correctly read any woman’s body language to understand whether she is really interested in you or not. Moreover, you’ll also get to learn to change your own body language so that you send the right signals to the women you wish to attract.

Access to an online members’ area

Your purchase of the Tao of BadAss system will entitle you to free of cost access to an online members area wherein you can access free of cost bonus materials related to topics like: how to build rapport, how-to banter, how to elevate your physical attraction, how to make sure that you don’t get cheated, how to move out of the friend zone and more. You’ll also be able to view different videos like Body Language Mastery wherein Joshua Pellicer enlightens you to the five most important body language aspects. Mastering these aspects can take you a long way in enhancing your social interactions. You’ll also be able to interact with other members of the community and get answers to your questions.

The Tao of BadAss system pros

Extensive and great content – Although so much content can get overwhelming in the beginning, if you learn everything that Joshua teaches in a patient manner, you can comprehensively overcome your women problems for good.

Free of cost access to the online members’ area – The free of cost access to the online members’ area connects you to a well-informed and experienced online community that can teach you practical tips and tricks depending on your unique situation. In addition, you can also learn tremendously from the text materials and videos available.

Useful for all men – The tips and tricks detailed in the Tao of BadAss system will work for you regardless of your present relationship status, your age, your financial condition etc. The methods are universally applicable and can be benefited by any man.

Comprehensive money back guarantee – Joshua Pellicer is so confident about his system that he offers a comprehensive money back guarantee lasting for 60 days from your purchase date. If you apply his tips and tricks and yet feel that you are not benefiting from them, you can ask for a complete refund without any questions asked.

The Tao of BadAss cons

Information can get slightly overwhelming – Anyone who is not used to reading and is struggling with women may find so much information to be quite overwhelming in the beginning. Men often find it hard to figure out the best place to start.

Needs dedication – The Tao of BadAss system is not for you if you’re expecting overnight results with it. You need to practice the tips and tricks detailed in it on a regular basis and act with patience to see actual results.

Which is the best place to buy the Tao of BadAss system?

To ensure that you get the complete version of the Tao of BadAss system and receive all the free of cost bonuses that come with it, you must buy the Tao of BadAss system only from its official website.

How much does it cost?

Well, when I wrote this review, the price of the Tao of BadAss system stood at $97. However, Joshua Pellicer keeps running time to time discount offers on the system. Why not visit the official website to learn about its exact price right now?!